A bespoke home with Mediterranean Soul

Homes with soul on the shores of the Mediterranean

We only create unique homes.
We never repeat projects simply because no family or plot of land is like another.

With our unique designs, Alma Mediterranea guarantees EXCLUSIVITY, one of the factors that our clients love the most about us.

Your opinion is the most important thing. If you hire us, from the beginning our team of designers, architects, interior designers, and landscapers, among others, led by a trusted individual, will know how to listen to your dreams and make them come true, resulting in a fully-equipped home just like you dreamed about and asked for.

Alma Mediterranea is your "bespoke home". From the client who just has a dream, to the client who has their own plot of land or the client who likes one of our properties under development. In the latter case, from the moment you purchase your home under construction, your wishes will customize the project.

Alma Mediterranea knows how to listen. Our best clients recommend us for that very reason, because we know, like few others do, how to convert an image into a plan, and then into a house.

Alma Mediterranea is your ally, your partner. That is why our contracts assure everything from the quality of the materials used to the work delivery times.

Turnkey project guarantee, including furnishings and decor

Eco-friendly concept

At Alma Mediterranea, we have learned to prioritize what is important. Our gardens have modern drip irrigation systems that minimize water consumption.

Our gardeners carefully select our plants, and if the land has hundred-year-old trees we know how to incorporate them into the design so that they continue providing us their positive energy.

Through intelligent design, we can minimize ambient noise, making our homes havens of peace.

We use the most modern and environmentally friendly maintenance systems for our pools, including the salt that flavors the Mediterranean waters. The ceramics and design materials prioritize natural stone, lime, wood and cork above synthetic materials or plastics.

The unique Mediterranean climate allows us to efficiently use the energy of the sun through our solar systems for hot water production.

Ancient Feng Shu techniques allow houses and rooms to be orientated in the most suitable manner for your health and well-being, as it is becoming increasingly clear that harmony originates in floor design. We build healthy houses.

Music is a vital part of our projects, so we equip our villas with the ability to listen your favorite tracks from anywhere in the house. Interior and exterior lighting is a key factor for your visitors to be impressed by the beauty and Mediterranean soul of your home, both indoors and outdoors on the walls and gardens.